Private Access Society member benefits.


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Economic Strategist Copyrighted Trusts

Asset Protection, Tax Benefits and Privacy. The Economic Strategist Irrevocable Spendthrift Trust is a useful tool for the protection of assets. It also eliminates the need for a Will and limits the need for probate of the Trustee and in many cases, beneficiaries. Visit the Economic Strategist website to learn more.

PAS Black Metal Card

The attention-grabbing PAS Black Metal card makes a powerful statement of prestige, and it’s well worth its weight in exclusive benefits that can be used worldwide. With the ability to securely transfer money between accounts, you can now maintain your flexibility in this society of ever-changing opportunities.


Based upon your level of membership, a portion of your monthly membership fees will be applied as a credit toward the preparation and filing of one or more tax returns. Additional tax needs will be discounted based upon the discount received under your level of Private Access Society membership.

PAS Legal

Based upon your level of membership, differing amounts of legal consultation services, Trust conveyance documents and corporate Agreements will be provided. Additional legal needs will be discounted based upon the discount received under your level of Private Access Society membership.

Personal Assistant

Your Personal Assistant is a complete and dedicated lifestyle management service tailored to your personal requests. From booking an extravagant travel itinerary to locating hard-to-find gifts, our concierge specialists are on hand 24/7 to ensure our members experience the highest quality of care at all times.

PAS Healthcare

PAS Healthcare provides 100% guaranteed access to fully insured healthcare. Benefits include group coverage, low copays, open network, Sharex drug discount up to 80%, virtual doctor access, and access to dental and vision insurance with significantly lower rates. Additional cost required.

Assets in Order

Assets in Order is an encrypted electronic vault which allows members to store all digital assets such as: Trust documents, deeds, titles, financials, medical records, passwords, passports, and much more. Embrace the peace of mind knowing that this ultra-secure document filing system has your vital information stored securely.

Core ID

Core ID provides real help for identity theft through sophisticated fraud detection capabilities and the fastest, most thorough recovery process. This suite of services provides the most innovative and customer-centric identity theft solutions in the market today.

PAS Travel

PAS Travel provides guaranteed, exclusive access to airlines, hotels, rental cars, cruises, destinations, yachts, attractions and more with up to 85% off!


Whether you’re traveling alone in a small group, PAS Jet is always ready to welcome you aboard. From chilling your favorite bottle of wine, providing you with in-flight catering or having your favorite magazines on board, we are equipped to give you a private jet experience you’re sure to remember. Additional cost required.







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